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 The name of the association is ‘‘Mobilya Sanayicileri ve İhracatçıları Derneği” (“The Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters”, hereinafter referred to as ‘association’) and its acronym is MOBDER.


ARTICLE 2: The head office and its registered address are located in Istanbul. Other branches and agencies can be opened pursuant to the regulations and procedures set forth by law.


ARTICLE 3- To ensure the unity and solidarity among furniture manufacturers and exporters as well as furniture accessory companies, to overcome the challenges of the furniture sector as a single body, to represent and promote the furniture sector locally and internationally, to ensure social cooperation and solidarity among our member institutions and to work towards the economic and cultural growth and development of the furniture sector.


ARTICLE 4- In order to engage in all sorts of activities that are required to actualize the purpose defined in the Article 3 of this Regulations document:
1- Promoting Turkish furniture industry nationally and internationally. 
2-Organizing meetings such as tours, lottery events, competitions, dinners, tea parties, concerts, conferences, seminars and panels in order to ensure social cooperation and solidarity.
3- Encouraging the members to convene, to become acquainted with and to exchange information among each other. 
4- Establishing a library in the association’s head office and creating a cultural archive.
5- Issuing media outlets that contain activities in accordance with the purposes of the association, publishing calendars, addresses, annual guidebooks and preparing webpage.
6-Organizing fairs, conducting seminars and issuing introductory leaflets and magazines on the topic of furniture sector.
7- Organizing educational activities such as movie screening, theatre, music, folklore and handicrafts.
8- Promoting Turkey’s touristic and artistic aspects in fairs abroad, establishing a committee elected by the board to this end and entrusting it the duty of representing and promoting furniture business.
9- Opening vocational training courses affiliated with the Ministry of National Education to provide our business owner members with qualified personnel, collaborating with companies connected with furniture related business in order to open such courses, awarding certificates that are approved by the Ministry of National Education to those who’ve successfully completed those courses
10- Founding and managing or to transfer the management of an association house for our members to exchange ideas, establish close relationships, partake in cultural activities and to draw advantage from their leisure time activities.
11- Ensuring solidarity by establishing social, economic and cultural relationships with associations that were founded upon similar purposes.
12- Attaining and constructing real estate on behalf of the association and purchasing any means of conveyance necessary. Founding and managing or to transfer the management of an association house for our members to draw advantage from their leisure time activities and to partake in cultural activities.
13- Establishing a provident fund for the purpose of satisfying the short-term credit needs of its members by providing goods and services on the condition that the association will not be distributing or transferring the realized profit among its members as income, interest or under any other name. Supporting, assisting or accepting the assistance of a political party pursuant to the purposes and interests of the association.
14- Opening branches and representative agencies where it deems necessary within the borders of the Republic of Turkey.
– In order to carry out its purposes and practices, our association performs the following:

Registers new members, provides introductory documents to its members, private and public institutions and nongovernmental organizations.

Opens courses, organizes seminars and offers scholarships in order to provide training and qualification services for its members.

The Association endeavours to prevent activities performed by manufacturers with the exception of institutions that our association members are affiliated to that leads to unfair competition within the frame of business ethics and takes necessary precautions. Takes legal action when required.

Establishes sub-committees, and conducts researches, studies and investigations, determines suggestions and requests, prepares and practises income generating projects on the purpose and practices through these sub-committees.

Purchases, leases and sells movable and real properties as necessitated by its purposes and practices; may operate, give as a pledge, hypothecate, set real rights on or make all sorts of constructions onto immovable properties.

Establishes and operates partnerships, commercial enterprises, charity fund training centers and entertaining, relaxing and developmental facilities and association houses for economic projects.

Recieves and grants charities, as per the the charity collection law, and donations as per the provisions of the Main Regulations.

The Association engages in joint activities and cooperation with public and governmental agencies in businesses related to furniture sector.

The Association may establish relationships and work jointly with local or international associations, unions and institutions with similar purposes, and may become a member or founding member of local and international associations and federations that are established or will be established.

The Association may form a platform with the decision of its authorized bodies in order to carry out a common purpose either among themselves or with foundations, syndicates and similar non-governmental organizations, in areas that are not prohibited by the law and are relevant to its purposes.

The Association may become indebted with the consent of the general assembly in order to carry out its Purposes. It may operate or collaborate internationally or within the borders of the Republic of Turkey, may establish representatives or open branch offices where it deems necessary locally or internationally, may establish associations or higher-level institutions locally or internationally or may join the established associations or higher-level institutions in order to carry out its Purposes.


ARTICLE 6 – The emblem of the association, its form and its colours will be determined by the general assembly and registered at the governor’s office.


ARTICLE 7 – The Association has two types of members; original and honorary.

Original members must be selected from legal or natural persons over 18 years old or deemed at lawful age with a declaration of maturity and should be legally qualified to found an association, having the contractual capacity and without bad character, bad habits and bad reputation, who have the legal capacity registered with the chamber of commerce of furniture manufacturers and furniture accessory companies, accepts to pay a 6.000 (six thousand) TL of annual subscription fee and 500 TL of entrance fee, and are registered to the book of members by the resolution of the board of directors. The board director or his designated representative shall have the right to vote in case companies become members by preserving their legal personalities. When this person’s duty as the president of the board of directors or as the representative is finalized, the relevant company shall redetermine the person who shall use the vote on behalf of the legal entity and notify the association.

Persons whose personality or loyalty to our association we feel proud towards, who has aided the Association in cash and in-kind and who contributed their efforts towards supporting the association are given the status of the honorary member with the proposal of two original members and the decision of the board of directors or of the general assembly. Honorary members attend the general meetings. But they are not included in the majority, cannot be elected to managing bodies and can not vote. Their ideas and opinions can be benefited from during the general assembly meetings. They can be brought to the honorary presidency by the board of directors, and they can pay dues if they wish.


 The procedures to become a member of the association are as follows:

8.1 The candidates wishing to become a member of our association must fill out the "Membership Form" stating that they accept the provisions regarding the purpose and practices outlined in the Regulations and that they meet the required membership conditions, and submit it to the secretaries of the association head office or branch administration board.

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