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Message From The President

Message From The PresidentDear Valued Visitor, welcome to our website.

Our association, adopting the slogan “Quality Turkish Furniture” aims to represent and promote the furniture industry both locally and internationally, and to work towards the economic and cultural growth of our sector by ensuring cooperation and assistance between our members.

MOBDER continues to maintain its operations under the roof of MOSFED (Federation of Furniture Associations) as its founding member in order to drive the sector forward while striving towards supporting the members of our association, who place importance on manufacturing goods with high added value, creating their own brands and enhancing their business identities, expanding to new local and international markets, concentrating on their search for contract manufacturing and above all, utilizing and enhancing designs.

Aside from making professional developments, MOBDER also strives to set an example through its social responsibility projects. Environment, education, youths and stray animals are all subjects in which MOBDER endeavours to raise public awareness.

Dear Valued Visitor;

We are aware that our standing in the creation of “Turkish Furniture” style is in its early steps. Both our sector institutions and the operations, communions and interactions within the frame of our federation MOSFED can be described as constructive and efficient steps in the acceleration of this process. Our need for the support of the public administration to enliven the economy, to create export growth, to redevelop employment and partnerships, and for the future of the Turkish Furniture Sector, is evident.

Constantly preparing programs in education centers in order ensure the sharing of information regarding the latest trends within the furniture business, providing training support in these education centers so as to boost the numbers of qualified personnel, supporting the publicity of the sector especially in overseas, providing long-term credits, paving the way for companies by facilitating their accesses to financial instruments for them to benefit from the investment and export incentives prevalently and facilitating the bureaucratic procedures for companies attending international fairs and exhibitions are all subjects of utmost importance with regards to the development, promotion and communication of and the competition within the sector. Holding the public administration's support in this regard will accelerate the process of creating the "Turkish Furniture" style.

I'd like to take this occasion to thank all of our members who support us in living up to our motto “Quality Turkish Furniture” and pay my respects to you, dear visitors, who treasure quality furniture.

Murat TUNÇ
Chairman of the Board


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