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Metebronz Mobilya

Classical style, bronze, creativity, aesthetics and future…
Metebronz Furniture, founded in 1963, in Ankara, has since managed to create a new phenomenon by melting these five elements in a pot to form the basis of its design identity. Metebronz Furniture, believing that its own success is also an achievement for its country, has carried its innovative approach beyond the borders of Turkey and secured itself a firm and well-respected position by the special projects it brought to life.
Metebronz Furniture’s primary goal is to see the sense of satisfaction in the eyes of their customers by the projects it delivers and products it designs. For this reason, it is inevitable for Metebronz Furniture to follow a customer-oriented path. Metebronz Furniture, always aiming towards the better, continues to embrace the change with a notion of “future” while providing its customers both in Turkey and around the world with the most contemporary forms of the classic furniture and bronze style.

Metebronz Showrooms:

Istanbul Showroom: E5 Karayolu Üzeri Maltepe Köprülü Kavşağı Yanı, İnci Çıkmazı Sok. No:8 Maltepe/İstanbul, Tel: +90 216 383 28 24, Fax: +90 216 370 50 06, E-Mail:

Ankara Showroom: Karacakaya Cad. No: 156 Siteler/Ankara, Tel: +90 312 349 43 90 Fax: +90 312 353 69 10

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