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Çilek Mobilya

ÇİLEK was founded in 1995 in Turkey. As the leader and forerunner in its own field in the global furniture industry, Çilek delivers to the children of the world its unique designs on baby, kid and teen furniture and all the necessary accessories of those categories in concept stores under the ‘Çilek Room’ brand as well as ‘shop in shop’ stores.

Çilek is on the path of becoming a global child brand by rapidly increasing the number of its sales points; today it operates at 444 points in a total of 66 countries spanning 5 continents.

Safety and Quality

Çilek products are designed in accordance with the advanced child security standards and manufactured from anticarcinogenic and antibacterial materials compatible with the standards of EU and all other countries around the world by using high technology applications.

The products of Çilek; that puts child health and safety before all are required to pass maximum safety standards tests. The pieces of furniture that are manufactured according to E1 standards have a certificate that states they have no carcinogenic input and all other certificates that are especially needed for children’s furniture. 

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