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Fuga Furniture which was founded in Istanbul in 1991 is a prestigious representative of modern life in furniture sector with its brand value. Fuga Furniture which distinguishes with its rich designs and quality oriented production adds a design value to modern furniture.

The brand makes a difference in the sector with its designs gaining inspiration from famous artists of the century such as Gaudi, Bach, and Dali, as well as with its production in European standards. Fuga Furniture continues its rapid advancement in branding works with its new factory established on an area of 10.000 m2 in Istanbul last year.

The brand which draws attention with its customer satisfaction oriented understanding and products highlighting functionality reaches its existing and potential customers thanks to its innovative brand standing keeping up with sectoral improvements.

New factory investment serves the purpose of providing customers with the best products

Fuga Furniture activated its new factory and came to the forefront with its production in Istanbul, new machine investments, production line improvements, and strengthened staff. Fuga Furniture which managed to reflect its strong sectoral standing on its production thanks to the factory investment shows its difference with its understanding serving the purpose of providing customers with the best products.

Fuga Furniture contributes to houses' worth living moments with its modern and functional designs, and makes a difference by offering free interior architecture and decoration consulting services. Comfort and beauty aspects of houses are strengthened thanks to this very service given upon making 3D drawings of houses on computers. Individual requests are also considered while offering this service.

We rapidly increase our number of stores thanks to our investment oriented developments

Fuga Furniture which made a serious move in both production and sales expands its sales network thanks to the new stores it incorporates inside and outside Turkey. The brand comes to the forefront with its factory investment worth 10.000.000 USD and also accelerates its store network expansion with its investment worth 2.000.000 USD.

Following its 1200 m2 store opened in Ankara Siteler; Fuga Furniture expanded its store area to 900 m2 in Istanbul-Modoko and also opened a 700 m2, 5-story store in Bostanci, Istanbul. The brand brings its quality to different locations thanks to its domestic branches in Bostanci, Modoko and Masko, Antalya, Bursa, Ankara Siteler, Anse MDM, Izmir, Samsun and Adana

The brand’s success goes beyond country borders with export operations

Fuga Furniture which carried its brand story full of successes beyond country borders in parallel with its rapid improvement of export operations increases its efficiency each passing day with its innovative structure and sectoral position racing to be the best. Fuga Furniture which has stores in Tripoli, Libya; Nicosia, TRNC; Baku, Azerbaijan; Sulaymaniyah, Northern Iraq aims to have 10 stores abroad and 20 stores in Turkey in the short term.

The brand which accelerated its operations abroad and gained appreciation with its contributions to national economy continues its works to open new stores in Russia, Canada, Qatar, Iran, Morocco and Dubai.

Fuga Furniture differentiates from its rivals with its production capacity, customer satisfaction oriented understanding, and its structure which never compromises on quality. Setting sail for new success stories with its aims; Fuga Furniture which took strength from its past experiences indicates that it will continue satisfying its customers in the future as well. 


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