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BRETZ produces furniture with customized dimensions and styles without the need to comply with any standard and the design, projecting and application are done for classical and modern furniture alike while we always keep your personal style and preferences as a priority in our activities.

Besides furniture production, BRETZ Design Group turns your dream projects into reality with the help of its team of architects. The experiences and production capacity of the team are ever increasing which results in turnkey projects with new forms and approaches addressing to unique tastes. Thus BRETZ Design Group provides you with all kinds of interior architecture support including curtains, wallpapers, painting, carpets and home accessories.

The aristocracy of each period has expressed itself in its unique understanding of space. Sometimes we see that a small piece of hand-made silk is shaped into beauty in an arm-chair and then the hands dancing on wood meet with gold leaf in order to be transformed into a special table.

Today the BRETZ brand creates for you the humble heroes of authentic styles.

In our interpretations, we are always inspired by aristocracy both in the past and in the present which we turn into reality in the most delicate manner. The stories of quality furniture surrounding your life are hidden in the sketches of BRETZ and we always start feeling the same sincere concern for impeccability and timelessness...

We carry along ideas to your indoor spaces expressing your personality and high lifestyle and we are committed to describing only “you” in all details and glimmers whether you live in a modern building watching the lively lights of the city or in a special house with its doors opening to a precious garden!

As Bretz Furniture;
             In order to provide financially efficient and fast service, we identify and share our processes with all the parties that will be affected by the outcome of those processes.
Within the frame of sustainable development, we manage social, financial and environmental factors in harmony with the improvement activities in which all our employees participate and the satisfaction and expectations of our shareholders.

Our commitments in pursuit of this goal are:
-In order to provide our customers with services beyond their expectations, managing our processes in an efficient and dependable way with an understanding of that we are the most important ring of the supply chain,

-Within the scope of preventing pollution, making plans to prevent the occurrence of any environmental effects as a result of our operations,

-Working in compliance with all the relevant legal and other requirements which apply to any of the fields that we operate in,
-Analyzing hazards that entail a risk to the health and safety of our employees, and taking precautions to prevent any accidents, diseases and health risks.
As Bretz, we guarantee that:
                That we are going to fulfill all our commitments and that we are going to provide the resources required to achieve sustainability through the use of our management systems that serve as means to this end.

HOM Design Center: Cendere yolu Cad.Huzur Mah.No:114 D.1 blok kat:8 mağaza no:64 Sarıyer/İSTANBUL

Tel : +90 212 812 29 72

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