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Our New Member: Ersa Furniture

Today, we are happy to announce that Ersa, one of the prestigious brands in our industry, has joined us. We say a big “Welcome!” to Ersa!
Ersa, which has grown into one of Turkey’s most prominent furniture manufacturers with its reliability and quality since 1958, manufactures built-in and movable furniture and seating units such as couches and sofas for workspaces, hotels, dormitories and hospitals.
Ersa’s product range includes tables, multiple workspace units, dressers, coffers, and low tables as well as partition panel systems and file, archive and dressing room cabinets.
While embellishing their products with small but delightful details such as natural materials and lighting units, Ersa aims to increase happiness in the office spaces by functional, ergonomic and customizable designs.
Once again we welcome Ersa, whose reliability, experience and prestige will make MOBDER even stronger and wish them success in their future projects with MOBDER, the leading association of the furniture sector.

Date: 12.04.2017

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